Groups, what are they?

Merlin Floyd • 14 May 2017

One of the things that makes L5R great is the community that goes with it.  Play groups pop up around the world and people connect around the things they love, in this case, L5R.

One of the things that is noticable is that the community has always driven events around L5R.  Community managers and organisers will volunteer their time to put together tournaments, group play nights and special events.  Often this will include the organising of venues, prize support, registrations and many times will involve additional prizes made by the community members to suppliment the company sponsored prize support already provided.

Because community is so important to the L5R franchise we wanted to create a capability on AustL5R which would allow people to organise themselves around the things that they love.


Groups are a way for community members to get together around a common theme.  It might be clan, you could have the "Scorpion clan of Australia" organising discussions and events; it could be around a geographical location such as "Tuesday night Melbourne Play Group"

What ever the reason members are free to create groups as they see fit, other members can join in the discussion and see events.  Go ahead, give it a try.